Power Distribution Field Services


National Field Services encompasses a wide range of testing and maintenance procedures intended to improve the dependability, safety, and efficiency of your equipment and facility. We are committed to being a leader in the field services and testing and maintenance industry.


Having the ability to service customers at their facilities, National Field Services can provide heavy onsite installation, testing and start-up services, and disaster recovery operations.












Engineering Services

  • Power System Studies
  • Short Circuit & Coordination Studies
  • System Failure Analysis
  • One-Line Development and Updates
  • Load Flow Analysis


Commissioning and Start-Up Services

  • Acceptance Testing - Commercial, Industrial, Utility, Co-Generation Plants
  • Vacuum Breaker Replacement
  • Grounding Systems
  • Cable Testing and Termination
  • Relay Testing


Rotating Equipment Services

  • Motor Starters and Controllers
  • Motor Control Buckets
  • Doble Testing
  • Insulation Testing


Maintenance Services

  • Substation Testing
  • Low Voltage Breaker Testing, Rebuild, and Retrofitting
  • Medium Voltage Breaker Testing and Rebuild
  • OCB, Vacuum, SF6 Breaker Testing and Rebuild


Transformer Services

  • Oil Degassifying and Vacuum Filling
  • Oil Shortage Capabilities
  • On-Site Transformer Repairs
  • Doble Testing
  • Load Tap Changer Maintenance and Repairs
  • Oil Testing and Filtering
  • Installation, Relocation, and Start-Up
  • Dehydration Breathers
  • Oil Filtration Systems for LTC
  • Inert Air Systems
  • LTC Replacement Parts and Upgrades


Power Quality Services

  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Power System Monitoring
  • Energy Audits


Battery and UPS System Services

  • Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance
  • Cell Maintenance
  • Load Testing
  • Charger Inspection and Testing


On Site Testing, Maintenance, and Inspection

  • Low, Medium, and High Voltage Circuit Breaker Testing, Trouble Shooting, and Repair
  • Protective Relay Testing, Calibration, and Repairs
  • OCB and SF6 Testing and Repair
  • Switchgear Maintenance and Repair
  • Control Circuit Troubleshooting
  • OEM Support on all Manufacturer Equipment
  • Cable Testing - Both Power factor and Hipot
  • Breaker Mechanism Travel Testing
  • Prevention Maintenance
  • Infrared Surveys
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