FALL 2018

The Dangers of human error

Your Home-Life Affects Your Work-Life

Too often electrical workers neglect necessary safety mitigations because they are lacking proper focus, in a hurry to get home or distracted by events in their personal lives. READ MORE

2018 Affiliate of the Year Award

Q&A with Ashley Herndon

After winning the Nevada Contractors Association 2018 Affiliate of the Year award, we talked to our Southwest Division’s Area Manager Ashley Herndon. READ MORE

The Threat of the 21st Century Supply Chain

NERC Ups Cybersecurity Standards for Utilities

From Russian hacking indictments to an increasing rate of identity theft, cyber-attacks have led to a growing necessity for cyber security in the recent years. READ MORE


Press Release

National Field Services announced its Chief Executive Officer, Doug Powell, has stepped down from day-to-day operations and will continue leading the executive team. READ MORE


Highlights of Recent and Upcoming Events

Check out the recent events National has had the pleasure of attending this fall like the Dallas Operations Engineer Conference, North Texas Facilities Expo, and hosting various backpack and food drives. Learn more about upcoming events such as our 3rd Semi-Annual Blood Drive, FMexpo and the ABM Franchising Group’s 2019 Vendor Showcase! READ MORE