fall 2019

How to gear up for a power down

A Little Preparation Ensures Success

Conducting regularly scheduled maintenance is a good way to prevent unplanned outages and other loss of revenue events. National shares five steps that will ensure a smooth and successful outage for your facility. READ MORE

Using an Engineering Mindset

To Improve Electrical Testing

National Field Services President Eric Beckman is a licensed professional electrical engineer in multiple states. He uses the engineering mindset that he gained in his years as a field engineer to influence the way the entire company is run, from the technicians in the field to support positions in the office. Watch as he explains. READ MORE


Pearl Sets the standard 

For Convenience and Accessibility

One of the milestone achievements of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) has been to take the lead in the development of standards for reconditioned equipment, as well as for the technical expertise of professionals working in the reconditioning industry. Now, they’ve made certification available to a broader audience with the introduction of an easily accessible online platform. READ MORE

On the Circuit

Highlights of Recent and Upcoming Events 

Keep up with all of National's recent events like regional golf tournaments, 2019 RIC-RIT World Remanufacturing Conference, career fairs and more! Stay tuned for more exciting upcoming events like Managing Electrical Hazards courses and PowerTest! READ MORE