fall 2020


Four Part Series - Part Three

What if you could save money on maintenance by planning ahead, before you even break ground? Find out why designing with maintenance in mind will save you money in the long run. READ MORE

2021 NFPA 70E update

What's New?

This article focuses on the more significant changes in the 2021 edition of NFPA 70E, including definition changes and a detailed look at the major changes in each section. READ MORE

A Unique, obsolete breaker

Finding a Replacement for an Equipment Unicorn

Recently, an instrumentation and electrical leadman at a wastewater authority in Texas realized that it would be terrible if one of his plants went down during the toilet paper shortage. He also recognized that he had a big problem on his hands: he had a one-off “unicorn” of a circuit breaker that he had no way to replace or even repair. READ MORE

On the circuit

Highlights of Recent & Upcoming Events

Our On the Circuit article is still a little light due to COVID-19, but we have more online events to highlight, like the BOMA 2020 Virtual Conference, Remanufacturing Virtual Bootcamp and the CenTex IEC Wire-Off Competition! READ MORE