NFS Engineer Earns NETA Level IV Certification


This past Halloween, NFS Operations Manager Eric Beckman faced something very scary: The NETA Level IV Certification Exam. And he came out on top!

The test is notoriously tough. You have to have 10 years of field experience and more than 600 hours of additional training just to take it. His recent success was Beckman’s third pass at the exam. “This test was harder than the one to get my Professional Engineering license,” he noted. “It definitely feels good to pass.” According to NETA, fewer than 10% of the 1,800 NETA technicians employed by NETA Accredited Companies achieve the distinction of becoming a Level IV Certified Technician.

NETA is the InterNational Electrical Testing Association. The organization serves the electrical testing industry by offering accreditation of third-party electrical testing firms, certifying electrical testing technicians, producing the American National Standards, hosting the PowerTest conference, and publishing NETA World. To learn more about the requirements for NETA Certification, visit www.netaworld.org/certification.

All told, there are fewer than 150 NETA Level IV Certified Technicians in the world. And now NFS has two of them! By passing, Eric joins our Vice President Ross Smelley, as NFS Level IV certified technicians on staff.

“Now I’ll have someone to give the secret Level IV handshake to,” Smelley joked. “But in all seriousness, very few competitors will be able to say they have two NETA Level IV certified technicians. It really establishes our credibility with our customers. It helps convince them that we have the expertise they need. Congratulations, Eric.”

Beckman has been with National Field Services for more than 10 years. He sees his passing the exam as an opportunity to motivate his colleagues. “It’s a big priority to get our guys certified – at all levels. Sometimes, it’s a challenge to motivate people to study on their own time. I wanted to lead by example.”

Well done, Eric!

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