After a decade of hard work and loyal clients relying on us to get the job done, we’ve upped our game! National Field Services, a sister company to National Switchgear, has become an accredited member of the InterNational Electrical Testing Association (NETA).

NETA is an independent testing organization that establishes standards, publishes specifications, accredits independent testing companies, certifies technicians, and promotes the services of their members. NETA programs are handled exclusively through volunteer efforts by industry experts.

In order to become accredited by NETA and maintain membership, we had to do a few key things. We restructured our company so that our field services offerings and equipment offerings are separate, hence the creation of National Field Services apart from National Switchgear. Our technicians passed the NETA certification exams on the first attempt, granting us full accreditation one month after we were provisionally accepted into NETA! We also had to own and maintain a minimum amount of calibrated test equipment. Moving forward, our technicians must receive continuing education training, and we must have a written safety program in place, which we’ve done as well.

“As a company, we are extremely honored. Becoming a fully accredited NETA company comes after nearly 10 years of hard work. Hiring a NETA accredited company, such as National Field Services, assures that you are receiving a company that adheres to the highest industry standards and a NETA certified technician trained to inspect, test, maintain, and calibrate all types of electrical equipment in any industry. We are very, very proud to have attained this status,” says Doug Powell, President of National Field Services.

What does this mean for you? We can help streamline your process while adhering to NETA best practices. No longer do you need to call references or question whether or not we have the best in the industry working on your job. Our NETA certified technicians are well trained to handle any situation and have extensive experience working in the field. We are one of only two NETA accredited companies in North Texas and one of five in the state of Texas. We’re extremely proud of our accreditation and how this will better serve you, our customers.

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