What Does It Mean to Be PEARL Accredited?

Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League Member Companies


What Is PEARL?

The Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) was founded in 1997 as an industry organization for the suppliers of used surplus, remanufactured and reconditioned electrical equipment. The goal of the founding companies was help ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment that has been serviced or distributed. PEARL accredits member companies once they have proven that they meet the organization’s requirements.

In addition, PEARL has developed a standard for inspecting and testing surplus equipment before it is returned to service and an American National Standards Institute (ANSI) approved standard for reconditioning equipment. The organization also provides training for and certifies warehouse and service shop technicians.

How Companies Become Accredited

There are two types of PEARL Accredited companies: Dealer Members and Service Members. Dealer Members are distributors of reconditioned or surplus electrical equipment who have a certain amount of inventory and also provide reconditioning services, maintain shop facilities and have trained technicians. Service Members are companies that do not meet the inventory requirement of equipment. Both member types must meet bylaw requirements to be approved by the PEARL Board of Directors.

Since Service and Dealer Members are considered accredited, they are able to vote on director elections and other motions put forth at meetings. They are also authorized to use the PEARL quality seals for the Inspect and Test Standard and the Reconditioning Standard.

To become a Service or Dealer Member, a company must first apply for voting membership. Upon preliminary approval, the company is considered a Provisional Member until it meets all of the requirements set forth by the PEARL Board and passes a site inspection. The site inspection includes shop facilities and test equipment to ensure that all standards have been met for safe reconditioning and distribution of used surplus electrical equipment.

Once a company is an approved Dealer or Service Member, it can begin the process of getting its technicians PEARL certified and access all the technical resources that PEARL offers only to these member companies.

Our Involvement

National Switchgear is proud to be a founding Dealer Member of PEARL. Our Chairman of the Board Doug Powell has served as President of the PEARL Board of Directors, and our President Casey Blevins became Vice President of the PEARL Board in 2019. Our affiliate company National Field Services is a Service Member. At least one National subject matter expert has presented training to technicians at every annual PEARL conference.

National Switchgear currently has 22 PEARL certified technicians. All of our warehouse and service shop technicians are at least Level I certified.

The fact that the National Brand Family of companies are PEARL accredited means that the equipment you buy from us or hire us to service will always be tested, guaranteed, service-ready and safe.

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