5 Reasons It’s Great to Have National Switchgear as a Partner


NFS leverages a close association with National Switchgear, an industry leader in power distribution equipment and services. Here are 5 reasons it’s a powerful partnership for our clients doing outage testing.

1. Access to Expertise

National Switchgear’s technicians are experts at circuit breaker repair. Because of our close association, we can bring these technicians to your site as part of our field team. So your circuit breakers can be repaired on the spot, without being shipped to a repair shop.

2. Impressive Inventory

National Switchgear has a huge line of new and repurposed electrical equipment and parts in its inventory. So if you need new equipment, we don’t have to shop around to find it.

3. Rapid Response

If you need equipment shipped to your site, National Switchgear is ready to respond, often shipping on the same day the order is received.

4. Repair & Remanufacturing Expertise

National Switchgear’s trained and certified technicians are experts in repairing, rebuilding, remanufacturing and retrofitting circuit breakers, switchgear and related parts.

5. Commitment to Quality

National Switchgear is a founding charter member of PEARL, a professional organization of companies that supply surplus and remanufactured electrical equipment and are committed to quality, safety and integrity.

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