2019 PEARL Conference

Advancing Your Infrastructure


Get ready for the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League’s (PEARL) annual conference and exhibition in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. From April 25th through 27th, industry professionals from across the nation will convene to hear from experts and participate in off-site and on-site events, including educational and networking opportunities. They will learn about PEARL’s recent ANSI accredited Reconditioning Standard, discover how they can enhance growth and leadership in their own companies, and much more.


Founded in 1997, PEARL is a national trade organization for companies that supply quality surplus and reconditioned/remanufactured electrical equipment and apparatus.

Since its inception, PEARL has maintained its commitment to excellence by instituting technician training and certification programs, working together with major OEMs and other electrical trade associations, and developing consensus standards for the electrical reconditioning industry.

Founding Member

National Switchgear is a founding member of PEARL and has served in various capacities to improve the surplus equipment provider industry. National Switchgear’s affiliate company, National Field Services, has been a proud member of PEARL since 2012. Vice President of National's Southwest Division Howard Herndon strives to guide the overall philosophy, direction and mission of PEARL as its current President.

Visit Our Booth

National Switchgear is a Gold Sponsor for the 2019 PEARL Conference. Come by booth #1 on Friday, April 26th for a chance to win a pair of Oculus Go Virtual Reality (VR) goggles! You’ll have the opportunity to experience a guided tour of the National Switchgear campus in virtual reality through the goggles.

National Switchgear's giveaway for the 2019 PEARL Conference | Electrical Equipment Conference | Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League

Our Speakers

National Switchgear’s president, Casey Blevins, will be hosting a panel with other industry leaders, exploring the challenges and implications facing companies in the electrical reconditioning/remanufacturing field on Friday, April 26, at 9 am in Salon C/D.

Don’t miss our Chairman of the Board, Doug Powell, speaking April 27 at 10:15 am about the circuit breaker remanufacturing craft and the fundamental skill sets that make it up. Through Doug’s training, you’ll understand the processes that every breaker shop must document and train technicians to follow flawlessly, and what to do to ensure consistency of processes and product quality.

Visit PEARL’s website to register for an event or learn more!


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