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In any industry, it’s important to have standards that provide benchmarks for quality and performance. That’s especially true in fields that involve reconditioned or rebuilt electrical equipment, where lives and money could be lost if equipment is not properly refurbished.

One of the milestone achievements of the Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League (PEARL) has been to take the lead in the development of standards for reconditioned equipment, as well as for the technical expertise of professionals working in the reconditioning industry. Earlier this year, they announced that their Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Standards (EERS) had been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). Now, they’ve made certification available to a broader audience with the introduction of an easily accessible online platform.

The First - and Only - Accredited Standard 

“PEARL developed the ANSI accredited EERS,” says Casey Blevins, President of National Switchgear and Vice President of the PEARL Board of Directors. “It is the first and only nationally accredited standard for the reconditioning of electrical equipment. The PEARL Technician Certification Program ensures that someone using the EERS is knowledgeable and competent in its requirements.”

PEARL first rolled out its certification program in 2014. Since then, 158 technicians have become recognized as Level 1 Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technicians and 52 as Level 2 Certified Electrical Equipment Reconditioning Technicians.

Taking Higher Standards Online

In response to member feedback, PEARL decided to introduce a convenient online certification platform for technicians in the electrical reconditioning field.

The new certification platform, accessible via the PEARL website, is an exclusive benefit to member companies. While the online process adheres to the same strict standards for quality and expertise as offline testing, it gives technicians a more convenient option for achieving certification.

Streamlining the Process

The new platform was designed with ease of use in mind. Advanced tools and a certification checklist help streamline the process and keep technicians up to date on their progress. Online proctoring provides greater scheduling flexibility, allowing technicians to miss fewer working days traveling.

The amount of time it takes to become certified varies for each technician, based on their existing knowledge of the subjects covered. However, the testing process is now much more efficient. The new platform also allows enrollees to find out immediately if they pass or fail.

It's a Win-Win

Certification is a win-win for companies and their employees. With certified technicians on staff, companies gain a marketable edge, improve employee morale and reduce turnover. Accidents and warranty claims also tend to decrease. For employees, certification opens new doors for professional opportunities and development, as well as personal growth.

Additionally, customers benefit by knowing that the technicians working on critical equipment and infrastructure are up-to-date on the latest compliance codes, regulations and reconditioning standards, as set forth in the ANSI/PEARL Reconditioning Standard.

“It’s a good idea all around,” says Blevins. “At National Switchgear, all of our shop and warehouse technicians are PEARL certified, and we highly recommend it for all companies in this very specialized field.”

Find out More

Technicians who wish to become certified, renew a current certification or apply for Level II Certification can learn more by visiting the PEARL website. The diagram below also outlines the process and fee structure of the new system:


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PEARL Online Technician Certification

PEARL Technician Certification is now available online for all qualifying PEARL member companies. With this new, convenient online platform, certification can be completed in as little as a week, and applicants are instantly notified of their results.

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