A Pre-Conference Q&A with Sales & Marketing VP Casey Blevins


We are already excited about PowerTest 2016, which will be held right down the road from our Lewisville, Texas, headquarters at the Omni Fort Worth Hotel this coming March. So we caught up with NFS Vice President of Sales and Marketing Casey Blevins, to see if we could get a glimpse of what National Field Services is planning for PowerTest attendees this year. And since PowerTest is a premier event in the electrical testing industry, we also thought we’d test Casey’s tolerance for electrical puns.

Q: Why is National Field Services so charged up about PowerTest?
A: It’s the premier electrical maintenance and safety event. It’s in our home state. And we’re excited to share insights and information with our customers and colleagues.

Q: So, Casey, how many PowerTests have you been personally plugged into?
A: This will be my ninth PowerTest. It’s always great to meet people and let them know firsthand what we’re up to.

Q: For readers who have never been, why should they tap into PowerTest at all? Will they really make powerful electrical connections?
A: Absolutely. Important industry leaders are there. You can make great connections and learn a lot from all the presentations and networking opportunities. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

Q: Will any National Field Services people be in the spotlight?
A: Our Operations Manager Eric Beckman will be a panelist on a Circuit Breaker Maintenance Panel on Tuesday, March 15. The first session is 8am to 9:45am, and the second is 10:15am to noon. Don Hook will be the moderator. Don’t miss it.

Q: And why should people go to the National Field Services booth? Would you describe its atmosphere as electric?
A: Well, it will be staffed with technical experts who are ready to share information about how NFS can help our customers improve electrical reliability and personnel safety. And, of course, there will be fun giveaways. Not just at the National Field Services booth, but at our other two booths, as well.

Q: Other TWO booths? Is this a shocking revelation?
A: Not really. I think most people in the industry understand our affiliation with the National Training Center – NTC – and National Switchgear, both of whom will also have booths at PowerTest. NTC is our training facility that hosts many third-party events and our own classes covering 50 technical and safety topics. National Switchgear is our affiliate company that has been providing electrical equipment and remanufacturing services for nearly 30 years.

Q: So, what’s the early buzz about giveaways at all the National booths?
A: Well, I am sworn to secrecy since we are still finalizing our plans. Let’s just say it may involve an amazing way to cook meat. But I’ve said too much already. Trust me, there will be great giveaways and plenty of fun to be had.

Q: Okay. Any other information you’d like to partially discharge?
A: Just wait. We’ll have full information on our PowerTest presence in the next issue of Field Notes, closer to the event.

Q: Would you like to transmit any “juicy” personal experiences from PowerTests past?
A: As a respectable, responsible professional, I greatly enjoy the mutually rewarding networking opportunities. Sometimes, after hours, the atmosphere can be a little less professional, of course. Let’s just say there’s a certain irony in depleting the hotel’s beer supply at an electrical maintenance and safety conference.

Q: Is it true you do a dance at the PowerBash called the “Complete Electrical Breakdown”?
A: No comment.

Q: Would you like to make one last plug?
A: Register for PowerTest 2016 at powertest.org today and stay tuned for more information about National Field Services’ powerful presence there!

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