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Date: 6/10/2013

Title: National Field Services Expands SF6 Breaker Capabilities with a New DILO Reclamation Unit

National Field Services Expands SF6 Breaker Capabilities With A New DILO Reclamation Unit

Lewisville, TX (June 5, 2013) - National Field Services (NFS) has purchased a new L-series DILO SF6 gas cart rated to process high voltage circuit breakers up to 500kV. This best-in-class machine features improved technical characteristics and is equipped with all the important functions necessary for professional SF6 gas handling.


DILO’s new generation of service carts are designed for environmentally friendly handling of SF6 gas in commissioning and maintenance of gas insulated electrical equipment. The gas handling units facilitate recovery, purification and storage of used SF6 gas in liquid form. Furthermore, the state-of-the-art gas compartments can be evacuated from air and refilled with the purified SF6 gas.


“The acquisition of this SF6 gas rig, from a well respected manufacturer like DILO, will enhance our ability to serve our existing power generation, utility and large industrial clients,” said Casey Blevins, Sales and Marketing Manager. “This capital investment is another step forward in our continuous effort to meet the growing demands of our customers.”

The new handling units are equipped with an oil-free compressor and oil-free suction pump for recovery of SF6 gas ensuring that a final vacuum as low as < 1 mbar is achieved. An oil lubricated vacuum pump is used for evacuation of air down to < 1 mbar. Moreover, the new generation of service carts is provided with an intelligent and proprietary control system. Ongoing operations are displayed on a 10” touch panel by means of a functional diagram.


In addition to SF6 gas handling, NFS offers an array of high voltage services including NERC PRC-005 Compliance, Arc Flash Safety and Asset Management of Electrical Systems.


National Field Services is an industry-leader in on-site electrical testing, offering a broad range of electrical solutions from our team of NETA-certified technicians and professional engineers. NFS also provides power system studies, startup and commissioning, reliability testing and maintenance, and disaster recovery services for critical power systems.