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Date: 11/15/2011

Title: National Switchgear Awarded for Energy Efficiency

National Switchgear Awarded For Energy Efficiency

LEWISVILLE, TEXAS – (Nov. 15, 2011) – National Switchgear, a power distribution equipment supplier, remanufacturer, and services provider, was awarded an incentive check of $5,831 from Texas-New Mexico Power’s Commercial Solutions Program for increasing the energy efficiency of the lighting system in its facility.

The Commercial Solutions Program helps commercial facilities save energy and money by providing no-cost facility improvement recommendations and financial incentives based on the total amount of energy the company will save. The high efficiency lighting equipment will save more than 162,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, equivalent to preventing the carbon dioxide emissions of nearly 13,000 gallons of gasoline, according to U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calculations.

“We were able to start saving energy and money the minute we turned on a light switch,” said Facility Operations Manager Billy Theriot. “With the amount we will save on energy costs, we can put more money towards other projects that will benefit our company.”

As part of its participation in the program, National Switchgear will continue to evaluate additional efficiency opportunities.

“We identified a real need for an energy efficiency program that specifically targets commercial facilities,” said TNMP Program Manager Stefani Case. “This program is an organized effort to bring needed energy efficiency to our service area.”