Disaster Recovery


National Field Services has an array of electrical equipment engineering, manufacturing, repair and recovery services available to meet any and all of your power system needs in times of crisis. We have the knowledge, experience, and capability to handle any situation promptly and professionally. Our services range from disaster response to disaster recovery planning, including critical temporary power solutions during your power system restoration.


Emergency Response

National Field Services provides the fast response necessary to get your power system back up and running after a disaster. We have the ability to rapidly transport electrical distribution equipment from our extensive inventory of new and aftermarket switchgear to anywhere in the country, underpinning our comprehensive emergency response capability. We lead the local switchgear industry in disaster and recovery operations.


Substation Restoration

As part of your disaster recovery operation, National Field Services can renovate and repair damaged substations to the near-perfect condition required to restore reliable, continual power.


On-Site Bus Fabrication

National Field Services can fabricate bus connectors on-site to get your power back faster. Our manufactured buses are built to ANSI C37.20.2 standards.


Temporary Power Generation

With substations, switchgear and the fast transport of electrical equipment,National Field Services has the ability to generate temporary power to allow your company to get up and running while we work to fix your electrical distribution equipment and bring your continual power system back online.


Equipment Rental and Quick Shipping

In the event of a critical electrical system failure,National Field Services’ Rental and Quick Ship programs can get whatever equipment is needed to get your power back on fast, anywhere in the country. This ability to rapidly transport equipment forms the foundation of our effective disaster response.


Disaster Recovery Project Management

National Field Services has managed countless disaster recovery projects from start to finish. Not only will we ensure you have the right switchgear and associated equipment to get your electrical power distribution systems back online, but we’ll also provide knowledgeable and experienced staff who assure that your crisis will be solved quickly and cost effectively.

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