Start-up and Commissioning


National Field Services offers power system start-up and commissioning services, as well as electrical systems maintenance for your new construction project. We can help your project during the planning and commissioning stages by testing grounding systems, relays and and cables. National Field Services also provides acceptance testing to improve a power plant’s quality assurance.


Acceptance Testing

Our commissioning process can include acceptance tests on your plants that validate equipment quality and effectiveness. We can perform tests across a variety of power plant types, including:

  • Commercial Plant Acceptance Test
  • Industrial Plant Acceptance Test
  • Utility Plant Acceptance Test
  • Co-Generation Plant Acceptance Test



Other Start-Up and Commissioning Testing

We’ll ensure the proper installation and management of your power systems equipment, including:

  • Vacuum breaker replacement
  • Grounding systems
  • Cable testing and termination
  • Relay testing
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