National Field Services has added a one-of-a-kind piece of equipment to our inventory. We’re investing in technology to eliminate the time between testing reusable gas and getting your equipment back up and running.

The days of needing a lab to test and analyze gas samples are gone. Dilo’s new 3-038R-R303 Zero emission SF6 Analyzer allows for immediate analysis of tested noxious gasses. Dilo is the only manufacturer at this time to offer an all-in-one device to test the three values that the OEM’s request of their customers: moisture, purity, and the decomposition of gas. Dilo’s Eric Campbell explains a bit further.

“You used to have to take a sample, send it to a lab, and it took a few days to get results. The equipment taken out of service during this time represents a big expense to an organization. By having the SF6 Analyzer test equipment on site, they can get the answers on the spot and get the equipment back up and running.”

Another feature of the latest version of the SF6 analyzer is the ability to capture the sampled gas. Since organizations have had to become emissions conscious, this is a positive step forward. “Traditionally, when you captured a sample on a piece of equipment, the gas would be emptied into the atmosphere. Our newest edition allows for the gas to be collected and stored temporarily in the device. After the test is complete, the sample gets pumped back into the gas insulated equipment,” says Campbell.

Currently, National Field Services is one of only a few NETA accredited companies to offer this piece of equipment for testing in the field. We see the value it holds for our customers and want to stay progressive in the types of equipment that we offer to best serve you.

If you are interested in learning more about the SF6 analyzer or offerings from National Field Services, feel free to contact us.

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