National's TrainSafe™ Mini Changes the Game


Working with live breakers can be extremely dangerous if your personnel are not properly trained. The TrainSafe Training Simulator is designed to allow personnel to become familiar with the sights and sounds of racking a breaker in a controlled environment. Our latest development is the TrainSafe Mini, an affordable and portable option that is the perfect companion piece to a retrofit project.


The Mini was originally designed for a utility company who completed a retrofit project to upgrade its 1960s switchgear with modern insulated case breakers. The Mini was made to match the utility’s new ABB SACE cradle in cradle design.

Benefits of Retrofit Projects

The greatest benefit of this retrofit project is the ability to make all of the utility’s equipment identical. By replacing all of its old breakers with identical breakers, the utility only has to train its personnel on the racking in and out procedure for one set of equipment, rather than several different configurations.

Since the Mini is mobile and height-adjustable, it can be taken anywhere and raised or lowered for personnel to learn how to operate it at the real breaker’s height. This simulator is a stored energy device so it can be plugged into any standard 110 V outlet. The Mini also serves as a functional spare. 

If You Have a Training Need, We Have a Solution

Thanks to our massive inventory and PEARL accredited service shop, National can configure TrainSafe simulators for any breaker or contractor style and vintage. For more information about TrainSafe or other training solutions, contact us!


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