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The electrical testing industry is facing a technician shortage due to the increasing rate of retiring baby boomers and a shortage of recruits with technical aptitude. Colleges and trade schools are unable to keep up with the high demand for new technicians and most college programs are unable to develop the highly technical skill sets that these roles need in order to meet industry standards. Students graduating from these programs are also struggling to connect with an experienced mentor for the additional on-the-job training they need.

As a result, companies are having to aggressively compete between one another to attract technicians who are already qualified to work in the field. This drives up the cost for both the employer and customer in the form of higher onboarding costs, increased arbitration and, in some cases, inflated wages for specialized skills.

Our Answer

National Field Services has been developing an apprenticeship program through the National Training Center to help recent college graduates obtain the skills they need.


National recently hired six Texas State Technical College (TSTC) students from the associate’s program for applied science in electrical power and control and gave them a scholarship for their last semester. Immediately after graduation, the students embarked on a rigorous three-week program at a high voltage training substation in Sweetwater, Texas. Once they complete the program, the trainees will work in the field as apprentices until they are approved billable as protection and control technicians by one of our utility clients.

TSTC graduates and new technicians | Electrical Technician Training Program | National Field Services

National Can Help

National Field Services, through the National Training Center, has decided to make this commitment to the future of our industry. To learn more about our apprenticeship training program, contact us today!  


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