winter 2021

NFPA 70e Definition of "normal"

Four Part Series - Part Four

Is your equipment in “normal” condition according to NFPA 70E? Did you know that most work around electrical equipment is only allowed if the equipment meets all the requirements for “normal” condition? Read on as we dive deeper into what exactly that means for your equipment and employees. READ MORE


PEARL Members Step Up

The 2020 NEC introduced language that cautioned against, and in some cases restricted, the use of reconditioned equipment. Representatives of PEARL, NEMA, IBEW, UL and some independents have worked together in the NEC Reconditioning Task Group to propose changes that would result in a more clear and concise standard. READ MORE

Electrical emergency response

How We Help with Unplanned Outages

When your lights are out, production has stopped and all your employees are standing in the parking lot, panic can set in. At National Field Services, we understand that every minute you are down is bad for your bottom line. That’s why we created an emergency response plan to get facilities like yours back up and running ASAP. READ MORE


Highlights of Recent & Upcoming Events

Check out National's recent live and virtual events like regional golf tournaments, IEC chapter meetings and more! Stay tuned for our upcoming events like PowerTest 2021 and the Dallas Build Expo! READ MORE